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November 28, 2020 2 min read

Ever fancy having a personalized kalimba of your own? Have a look first.

Kalimba is a strange looking (at least for the first timers) instrument that uses steel keys to create a distinctive metallic sound. Also called thumb piano, the band Earth, Wind and Fire was allegedly first popularized the kalimba which then garnered fans from all over the world. 

Personalized kalimbas is not uncommon nowadays, and you can get them from a lot of stores both locally and overseas.

Track back a little, kalimba and the mbira are both instruments commonly mistaken to be the same. They look very similar and the mechanics of how they work are also pretty much the same, too. There’s a wooden stand and presence of steel keys. 

However, this is where the similarity ends as the kalimba is only the smaller version.  Mbira has two rows of steel keys. It was also created by people of Zimbabwe, while the kalimba was the brainchild of Hugh Tracey. 

Since then, kalimba has found its way into music therapy for people with one hand, children or people who like it's simple maneuvering.  

Want to get your kalimba personalized? Check out these to get great deals:

  1. My Lovely Presents also features kalimba at the most reasonable prices. They can customize your kalimba with a message and your signature. It will be a kalimba to be cherished forever.

    Personalized Kalimba: Chronicles and Check Out | My Lovely Presents
  2. Done Better Gifts also provides kalimbas with an option for engraving your own name.

  3. Amazon has kalimbas in acrylic stands for easier cleaning. You get a bag, tone stickers, hammer for tuning, a booklet for beginners and cloth for cleaning.

  4. Yusic is a Malaysia based online store that features kalimba of two types: one with an open resonant box to maximize the effect of the tin keys and thus louder than most kalimba; another type with a closed box.

  5. Give for Life from Etsy features kalimbas made from okumen wood. Buying from this vendor will give you a very nice set for beginners: a music book, tools for cleaning, cloth bag and a hammer.

  6. Kalimba magic is a store that caters primarily for North American customers but is open for international customers. Its variety of kalimbas is impressive, and is based on technical nuances. 

Kalimba is an instrument where you can never go wrong buying for your niece, daughter, son, husband or wife. Make it even more personal with a customized message for the holidays. Well, what are you waiting for? Get one now.

Anton Almeda
Anton Almeda

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